6 – Buy a drink for a stranger

It’s nice to be nice and this will push my boundaries of my social anxiety.

I have always been shy as a kid. Being weary of new people or new surroundings. I have learnt that this was most probably anxiety. Getting sweaty palms, raised heart rate and the sheer panic that people are staring and judging you. Which I felt made me even more awkward. I’ve suffered recently with an episode of depression, stress and anxiety. So I like to set myself tasks to push myself and to be comfortable in the skin I’m in.

I chose this so I could become more ‘carefree’ within society. I can do what I want and not fear being judged. Also this will brighten someone’s day which will automatically make me feel better too.

I have already thought of easier ways to achieve this (like doing it on New Years Day) so I don’t look too weird. Or maybe to buy a drink for a person on the street as the gesture wouldn’t be frowned upon either. It seems my mind is working over time already trying to make this work. Lydia keep it simple – buy some person a drink – end of.