5 – Start my own business

Since I had to choose my options at 14 I’ve had no fucking idea what I’ve wanted to do with my life. All I knew is that I couldn’t wait to get away from exams, lessons and some of the people you are forced to spend 6 hours a day with.

I got stuck into the leisure industry, working evenings, weekends and bank holidays. I managed to then find a job that was only Monday-Friday and occasional bank holidays but was an 80mile daily round trip. To then find a job within walking distance Monday-Wednesday and no bank holidays I had hit the jackpot!

However in the back of my mind I still wasn’t doing something that I was passionate about. I had a good think I came up with dog walking. It seems to be an up and coming business craze as many people love their animals. I love dogs too, always had them in the house growing up and would always make friends with anyone’s pet when I visited their house. I missed having a dog so much that within 4 months of moving out of my parents house and with me helpfully nagging / joking / sending hints to my boyfriend Tim, he gave in to us getting one.

So watch out for many blog posts about the ups and downs of me becoming a professional dog walker!

#5 Complete