3 – Help save the Ocean

I recently watched a documentary about the whale that died in Norway which had 30 plastic bags in its stomach. I found it really heart breaking but interesting and was touched by the attitude of the conservation guys in Norway.
If you haven’t heard of this story click on the link below to find out more:

After the programme I immediately researched Norway (travel bug working its magic) and found safari’s and boat trips that took you to see different whale species. That was it, I spent the next 3 days at work devising a travel itinerary around Norway (I do see why Tim gets annoyed with me – crazy travel lady likes to explore the whole country not just one area).

But this again costs money and isn’t really helping keep the oceans clean. 

So I came across 4Ocean whilst on Facebook who were advertising their bracelets. Every bracelet that is bought, 1lb of rubbish is removed from the ocean. The bracelet is made out of recycled materials and will set you back US$20 (£15). So far 80,574lbs of rubbish has been removed. Check out their videos, other stats and how to buy a bracelet below:

I then researched a charity closer to my home and I found Marine Conservation Society. It is a UK charity that helps protects the seas, shores and wildlife. I saw that they do a Great British Beach Clean every year. This years dates are 15th-18th September. My plan is to go and help litter pick at a beach near me.

Plastic, Fishing Nets and more