Personal Training Update

Week 3

This week we were challenged to do the 800 rep workout. I smashed it with 15 minutes to spare. Mike then challenged me to complete a full sit up. I’ve been doing crunches instead at the moment because I have no core strength whatsoever.

Mike passed me an 8kg weight and told me to use this to pull myself up; the momentum of the weight would naturally level me up. This first time I did it I had my legs out like a star and they came off the ground and I was making a face like this…..

sit up face

I then tried it with my knees bent and my feet supported to the floor. This helped and I successfully did a full sit up! Something I haven’t been able to do for a few years (most probably down to laziness and thinking I have too much fat in the way to actually complete it).

Mike reduced the weight down to 5kg and I completed it again. So I had homework this week of 5 sit ups everyday with the weight. I got a message one day asking me how it was going. I was honest and told him that I hadn’t done any. I was having a bad mental week – maybe make that couple of months – but more so that week and just didn’t want to do them. I had more burning issues going on in my head. He said it was ok and to stay positive.


Week 4

We did not attend this week. I’ve been struggling with my depression for a while and just didn’t want to go. Mike is very understanding. Ok I still had to pay for the session but I wouldn’t have enjoyed any minute of it and I didn’t want to put Mike through my mood. The sit ups are still well and truly out the window.


Week 5

I made myself go. Tim was pleased I decided to. This week was 1,000 rep workout. The extra exercises were reverse lunges and reverse squats using a TRX. Mike was keen to talk but I was not and Tim didn’t contribute much either. Mike asked about our weeks etc. but as mine have been rather negative I didn’t really want to bring his mood down! However we did end up putting the world to right which meant I was stopping my exercises to talk (as doing both at the same time is hard plus I had to count my reps!) Tim managed to finish the challenge before me but I completed it too with 4 minutes to spare.

My gut feeling is that we are going to be doing some cardio workouts now as we have proven we can do the strength ones. Oh hell!

I have been getting twinges and spams in my back for a few months now which I know isn’t really a good sign. I had a really painful one over the weekend, we were in Paris watching the Six Nations and I think from all the walking and sitting at the stadium didn’t help much. My back twanged whilst doing my work out. But I managed to relax and carry on. But once I was home and going up stairs to bed I got stuck on the sofa. The spasms were rather painful. So I’ve been messaging massage people I know to try and get an emergency appointment.


Since then my relationship status has changed with Tim and I cannot afford to carry on with the PT sessions (they become more expensive if 1 to 1). I have a long way to go with my weight loss goal still but it is my eating habits that need to change first. Once this weight loss comes to a gradual stop I’m going to go back to Mike and do a 3-4 month crash course to give my weight loss that extra boost before wedding #1 in April 2019.

Next challenge is to remain positive during my bridesmaid dress fittings! And to order the correct size!


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