Month: April 2018

3rd Kup

3rd Kup

At the beginning of December I achieved my next belt in Tae Kwon Do. I am now blue belt with a red tag, only 3 belts away from becoming a black belt.

I did a good amount of training before hand and was very confident on the lead up to grading day. I even attended a training session with Master Dew. You know the scary looking bloke I talked about in Blue Signifies Heaven

It turns out he isn’t that scary at all. He’s actually pretty funny and very helpful. We went through our respective patterns and he walked amongst us all giving tips and pointers and having discussions as to why we do certain blocks and movements. This really put everything into prospective. I knew which areas of my body I was protecting etc. We do learn this within our usual lessons however sometimes you forget and merely learn the shapes of each movement to retain the sequence.

Afterwards we went and had a quiet drink with him at the hotel he was staying at. We were to be on our best behaviour! It turned out our instructor was the loudest out of the lot – how ironic. But this showed him in a completely different light. He even explained that he has to be ‘stern faced’ at grading’s as that is his job. He is there to examine us all so he needs to concentrate. So when I saw him on grading day I wasn’t so scared anymore.

Grading day came and I am always up against Abbi who has got an A pass at every grading! I try to work my hardest to beat her or just get an A pass myself however I was rather distracted. My Nan was in hospital. I ignored my phone through the whole session so I stayed focused, but at one point I became rather disorientated and my mind went blank half way through my line work. I knew this meant the worst. I carried on through my patterns and answered my Korean theory still ignoring my phone. After grading was over and Abbi got another A grade (no grading trophy though so I was a little smug about that) I checked my phone. 3 missed calls and lots of messages. My Nan had passed away whilst I was grading. So my lift kindly rushed me home so I could be with my family.

I got my new belt and certificate at the next training session. That’s when I decided to take a break until 2018. I had an ankle pain that I was trying to ignore, but asking people to strap my ankle 3 times a week, I felt I was becoming rather annoying. I went to my rugby club physio and he said I have pulled a tendon. Therefore I have dived into revising my next lot of theory so I have still been connected to Tae Kwon Do in some way.



Personal Training Update

Week 3

This week we were challenged to do the 800 rep workout. I smashed it with 15 minutes to spare. Mike then challenged me to complete a full sit up. I’ve been doing crunches instead at the moment because I have no core strength whatsoever.

Mike passed me an 8kg weight and told me to use this to pull myself up; the momentum of the weight would naturally level me up. This first time I did it I had my legs out like a star and they came off the ground and I was making a face like this…..

sit up face

I then tried it with my knees bent and my feet supported to the floor. This helped and I successfully did a full sit up! Something I haven’t been able to do for a few years (most probably down to laziness and thinking I have too much fat in the way to actually complete it).

Mike reduced the weight down to 5kg and I completed it again. So I had homework this week of 5 sit ups everyday with the weight. I got a message one day asking me how it was going. I was honest and told him that I hadn’t done any. I was having a bad mental week – maybe make that couple of months – but more so that week and just didn’t want to do them. I had more burning issues going on in my head. He said it was ok and to stay positive.


Week 4

We did not attend this week. I’ve been struggling with my depression for a while and just didn’t want to go. Mike is very understanding. Ok I still had to pay for the session but I wouldn’t have enjoyed any minute of it and I didn’t want to put Mike through my mood. The sit ups are still well and truly out the window.


Week 5

I made myself go. Tim was pleased I decided to. This week was 1,000 rep workout. The extra exercises were reverse lunges and reverse squats using a TRX. Mike was keen to talk but I was not and Tim didn’t contribute much either. Mike asked about our weeks etc. but as mine have been rather negative I didn’t really want to bring his mood down! However we did end up putting the world to right which meant I was stopping my exercises to talk (as doing both at the same time is hard plus I had to count my reps!) Tim managed to finish the challenge before me but I completed it too with 4 minutes to spare.

My gut feeling is that we are going to be doing some cardio workouts now as we have proven we can do the strength ones. Oh hell!

I have been getting twinges and spams in my back for a few months now which I know isn’t really a good sign. I had a really painful one over the weekend, we were in Paris watching the Six Nations and I think from all the walking and sitting at the stadium didn’t help much. My back twanged whilst doing my work out. But I managed to relax and carry on. But once I was home and going up stairs to bed I got stuck on the sofa. The spasms were rather painful. So I’ve been messaging massage people I know to try and get an emergency appointment.


Since then my relationship status has changed with Tim and I cannot afford to carry on with the PT sessions (they become more expensive if 1 to 1). I have a long way to go with my weight loss goal still but it is my eating habits that need to change first. Once this weight loss comes to a gradual stop I’m going to go back to Mike and do a 3-4 month crash course to give my weight loss that extra boost before wedding #1 in April 2019.

Next challenge is to remain positive during my bridesmaid dress fittings! And to order the correct size!


Update #58416974

Hey guys! It’s been rather a long time since I last posted. A lot has happened and my life has been turned upside down so blogging has become a distant memory.

Luckily I had an email to renew my subscription which then jolted me to update everything now I know where my life is heading (finally).

As ever there is good news and bad news for myself, rather than give a lengthy discussion on each, bullet points will do instead;

Bad News

  • My depression came back hard
  • Work ethic / attitude dwindled
  • My relationship ended with Tim
  • I’m having to move out of the house
  • I’m having to re-home Albert
  • Body is physically falling apart

Good News

  • Had intense private therapy which greatly helped
  • I felt confident in my decision to end my relationship
  • Feeling much freer
  • Found a house share with people I already know
  • Housemates have a dog
  • Get to decorate my room how I want
  • Therapy sessions are becoming less frequent
  • Progressing in work again
  • Improved relationship with parents


Next I need to revamp some of my bucket list goals (for the billionth time – it’s not cheating right?) say goodbye to

  • Yorkshire 3 Peaks
  • Muddy Dog Challenge
  • Dog Agility Classes
  • Climb Snowdon
  • Visit Machu Picchu
  • Visit the Lake District
  • NYC @ Christmas

Then say hello and welcome to

  • Guitar Lessons
  • Visit Croatia
  • Visit Slovenia
  • See the Harry Potter Play
  • Complete a puzzle with over 1,000 pieces
  • Get a bikini wax
  • Watch 10 classic movies from 1930’s to 1970’s