Month: July 2017

#18 Complete

#18 Complete

This morning I decided to make a Kiva loan. I’ve just been paid and was feeling generous.

A quick run through of a Kiva loan is you can lend people money for different projects across the world. Once they reach their target they then have a time length to pay back the money you lent them. I can then decide to transfer my money back out into my own account or reinvest it.

I have helped Zakayo from Molo, Kenya to purchase a water tank and water pipes for his farm. Read more of his story here:
The reason for sponsoring Zakayo was pretty simple. He only needed $50 to go. So I have been able to complete his loan which makes me feel rather happy.

I now have a portfolio on the Kiva website. It keeps track of who you’ve lent money to. There are 78 different countries I could help. So my aim is to pick a loan from each of these countries before I withdraw my money. This may take a while but I now know directly who my money is helping.

I’m giving myself a pat on the back for doing a good deed.

To find out more information on giving a Kiva loan yourself follow this link: